Five Influential Books Meme

There is a meme floating around that asks what five books have most influenced the way you read scripture. I am going to list the five books that have most influenced me in the past year, in which I have spent a significant amount of time rediscovering scripture. During the past year I have radically changed my approach to scripture, and much of this has been due to my interaction with the biblioblog community. However, these books and authors have been influential. Here they are in chronological order:

  1. Velvet Elvis – Rob Bell
  2. How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth -Gordon Fee & Douglas Stuart
  3. New Testament Exegesis – Gordon Fee
  4. Greek for the Rest of Us – William Mounce
  5. The Message – Eugene Peterson

This last one is a work in progress as it is a more recent acquisition. Reading the Bible in paraphrase has been very enlightening however. I tag anyone that has not completed this meme yet to go ahead and do so. You can read all of the responses to this meme at the original blog here:

So Many Books, So Little Time

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