New Oxford Annotated Bible Images

Last summer I blogged about my purchase of a copy of the NOAB with Apocrypha because a newer fourth edition had come out. I had always wanted a copy of the third edition but had never bought one. Anyways, it looks like Joel is starting a series of posts that review the NOAB study bible in particular and I am looking forward to reading the rest of his posts. Mark asked him for some pictures of the interior layout, and since I was thinking of doing this already, I took a few photos that show the inside. The format is functional, but not in the same league as the layout for the ESV Study Bible. I would say that you can categorize the NOAB as a textbook format bible, and the ESV SB as a reader’s format. Here are the images:

The introductory remarks

Genesis chapter 1

Apocryphal portion of Esther

Poetry treatment & Psalm 23

Diagrams within the text

Articles at the end of the study bible

Thickness comparison with the ESV Study Bible

5 thoughts on “New Oxford Annotated Bible Images

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  2. The paper is on the thin side, just like in the ESV study bible. There is bleed through, which is visible in the images, but it doesn’t hinder the reading experience. I am fairly picky about bleed through, but it is not an issue in my opinion. The biggest reading hindrance is actually the page layout, because the majority of the time you are just staring at a wall of text. No problems with the paper itself though. I should also mention that the font is very readable and really stands out from the page; I like it.

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