Nutrition, Diet and Exercise

In 2011 I was able to alter my diet and have been mostly eating less processed foods and more nutritious foods. For this year I am focusing on adding exercise into the mix, and today marked day three of successfully waking up at 5am to walk/run a mile and do my abdomen routine before work. My goal is to get to my target weight of 200 pounds (currently 235) by spring break, about a month and a half from now. At that point I’ll re-assess and decide on a new target weight, or more likely, a new pant size. Nothing major, I would like to be a size smaller than I’ve been since being married. I am more concerned with my overall cardiovascular health and general well being. To this end I have also started taking a multivitamin, B complex, and vitamin C on a daily basis. Hopefully a month from now I’ll be posting an update with how things have improved.

4 thoughts on “Nutrition, Diet and Exercise

  1. Good for you Nathan, I hope the new plan works out. Since my new job will allow for a better work/life balance than my previous job I’ll also will be changing some of my “lifestyle” habits. I’ve always tried to incorporate healthier foods but when working extreme hours with little sleep the pounds keep racking up and you’re too exhausted to exercise.

    • Thanks. The first week went well. I am fighting something right now and so I didn’t run this morning. However, I was able to do so yesterday and planning on doing so again tomorrow. Also, the nutritious diet is still going pretty well. I’m planning on another post here in a week or two once I can see some patterns.

  2. A pound/day is an aggressive goal, but keep at it! I’ve been enjoying my “new life”, a year after losing most of my weight.

    (PS moved your comment on the NIVSCR back to the site — the version was just a dalliance.)

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