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I’ve been contemplating a return to blogging for a few weeks. In addition to my busy family life, I have some pretty fundamental changes happening at work and at church. I’m wrapping up a complete redesign of the way I teach science, and it is exciting to have a clear road map for the future. Essentially what I am doing is a full implementation of standards based grading (SBG) which has involved redesigning the way I approach science content and assigning grades.

Two months ago I took on a new role at church. My wife and I have restarted the young adults Sunday school class. We are wrapping up our first, and probably last, book which provides lessons for each Sunday. I have been meeting with my best friend, the associate pastor, and we have decided to meet our 18-25 year olds where they are at; not using a book. Instead we will be posting to a Facebook page during the week, which they can check on their phones, and then discuss current events and faith issues on Sunday. We are still working out what this will look like, but I believe blogging will help with the process.

I miss blogging and the discourse of the last few years. I frequently find myself in conversation and referencing discussions from the blogosphere. So, I’ve decided to revisit an old goal of mine. I will be attempting to make shorter posts on a daily or regular basis. I imagine a few people still have me in their feed readers. I am almost done culling my own, and am eagerly anticipating future discussions.

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