Classroom Redesign Moving Along Nicely

With the re imagining our our classroom, the need for some technology was front and center. Mark and I were able to score a 32″ TV on Black Friday for only $127. I just got off the phone with my mom and they have an extra TV wall mount lying around new in the box that they never got around to returning. She’s bringing it with her tonight and I’ll bring it to the church tomorrow. I’ve already arranged for our resident carpenter to hang the TV next week and I’m just feeling really good about how quickly and cheaply this has all come together.

Last week I bought a new laptop. I have been overwhelmed with several things going on simultaneously at work. Mainly things that will require a lot of data/text entry. The additional need for a laptop for the Sunday school class drove me to the decision to buy one now. I also ordered some cables so that I can hook it up to any TV or projector and those came in the mail today. So… a week from now I will be using the new TV and laptop in class as part of our new direction we are taking. No paper resources; all digital and personal.

The only major decision left to make is what color to repaint our classroom. We’ve talked about painting a single wall an accent color, such as red. However, I took all of the wall hangings down and the walls are in horrible shape. Lots of paint scraped off and it really needs to be completely repainted. We even looked for remnants of the old paint color but couldn’t find it for touch ups. Maybe I’ll post some pictures next month once it is completely finished.

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