Three New Books

I’ve picked up a few new books this month. One is more for school, how to make soap, and I hope to do this in Chemistry next year. Our school secretary has goats and makes goat milk soap. So hopefully I can get some goat milk and lye from her this winter and try my hand it this. The other two are about relationships, diet and food. One is called Date Your Wife and it was an impulse buy from Amazon on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. I just started reading it this afternoon and its really interesting. I like that it is a small book and cheap as well. The other book is about making different types of food at home that you would normally buy at the store. A few examples are pop tarts, butter, and cheese. Anyways, my wife and her best friend love the book. I haven’t read any of it yet, but I did notice that it is really well bound and the layout and design is top notch! Here are the links to them on Amazon if you are interested.

Milk Soapmaking by Anne Watson

Date Your Wife by Justin Buzzard

The Homemade Pantry by Alana Chernila ( she blogs at Eating From The Ground Up )

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